More Than Just a school Management System

SHAMS is a complete system, covering all your needs, one place, one platform to manage and run everything. You can track anything related to students, finance, payroll, exams schedule and staff payroll and attendance. At SHAMS School Management, parents are an integral part of the equation.

LMS (Learning Management System)

A learning management system with an easy-to-use intuitive interface to make it easy to manage content, automate tasks, and streamline their curriculum from any remote location. SHAMS is designed to keep track of all progress made throughout the entire semester. SHAMS is a process transformative system for your school with flexibility and scalability in mind.

SIS (Student Information System)

A fully functioning student information system (SIS) to manage all student data, including but not limited to registration, admission, attendance, and grades. With SHAMS, you can manage the entire student lifecycle from admission to graduation. Reliable, secure database for your school and student information by SHAMS to make schools and institutions more efficient and more digital.

SMS (School Management System)

Providing a digital platform for school to enable efficient management and running of your school or institution through digitization and automation of administrative operations. One school management system for everything; HR, payroll, finance, employee attendance, transportation.

What Does SHAMS Offer?

For Administrators

Easy and straightforward workflow management. With SHAMS, you can have all parties on the same page with one single system with an intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard managed and accessed from anywhere.


Automate Day-to-Day Tasks

Promoting your productivity and enhancing your efficiency by automating your time-consuming tasks through a well-designed and well-engineered school management system.


Make More Informative Decisions

Data accounts for a big part of any business. With SHAMS, you can make sense of data about your school; enrollment, admission, finance, and more.


Be On Top of What’s Happening

With SHAMS, you can monitor and oversee everything regarding your school in realtime.

For Teachers

SHAMS is a school management system that empowers teachers, and helps make teaching easier, and more efficient. SHAMS isn’t just an SMS (school management system) it has many modules integrated to manage course syllabus, and curriculum.

Classroom Management

With SHAMS, you can manage and update all your classroom schedules in one system. You can assign new subjects, add sections, set up your class timeline, and more.


Curriculum and Assignment Management

Manage your classroom syllabus, and upload your study materials to a specific classroom or a subject, alongside with assignments, and your student can access both seamlessly.


Examination and Reporting

Measure and track your student performance through some dedicated features built into SHAMS school management system to streamline your examination and make it easy to generate reports.

For Students

Students are at the heart of any school or any educational process. SHAMS close the gaps between students and teachers in communication and collaboration. Being a student-centric school management system makes SHAMS the best in the market for students, and parents.


Enhanced Communication

SHAMS closes the gap in communication between students and teachers through a realtime chatting built-in functionality.


Promote Engagement

With SHAMS, you can promote and account for students with communications issues, by creating chat groups, and dividing your class into sections.


Improved Student Learning

A school management system is crucial in maximizing the effectiveness of the learning process. SHAMS is your ultimate solution to stretch out your student potential and decrease students’ school dropout.